Detailed reproductions of English, French and American SHORT SABERS, HUNTING SWORDS, CUTLASSES, and HANGERS. Hilts are of Iron or Brass, handles of various Woods, Horn, Antler, or Bone. Below are some swords I have in stock, or have built in the past





SOLD - Iron Mounted Hunting Sword  Short hunting sword with stag grip.  The forged iron guard features a shell and accents in sterling silver.  Slightly upswept blade has a single back fuller and false edge.

SOLD - American Officer's Short Saber  A very special reproduction of an American made sword of the Rev War period.  Mounted in Sterling Silver, all aspects of this sword were copied closely from originals.  The guard is a variation of the common "4 slot" pattern with flamboyant edge and piercings.  The grip is carved from stag, closely resembling the look of bone or ivory.  The 27 inch hand forged blade is a close copy of one in my collection; identical in dimension, thickness, and balance; having both wide and narrow fullers so common on swords of the period.   Complimenting the sword is a fine silver mounted scabbard by Wick Ellerbe.  Highly detailed, the scabbard features tooled designs and hardware copied from an original.   Simply, one of the finest reproductions of an American saber.  $3000


SOLD - American Saber  This Rev War period sword has features typical of the light sabers being made in the colonies.  The straight, carved bone grip, oversized ball pommel, and guard with outward branches were all popular on American made sabers.  The 27 inch, hand forged and lightly curved blade would have served well with mounted militia and other light troops.

SOLD - Early Hanger/Cutlass by Kyle Willyard & Jared Secrest.  This was built to be a sword with a history.  The guard is copied from a 17th century English Mortuary sword with the thought that it had been paired with a newer blade, early in the 18th century.  A joint project between myself and my apprentice, this sword has been aged to reflect a long period of use.  The 25 inch, hand forged blade with single back fuller and slight upsweep has been carefully copied from an original blade in both dimension and weight.  Often the grips of these swords were octagon in shape and wire wrapped, but this one features a grip of smooth ebony.  A sturdy, well-made sword, equally at home on land or sea.  $1200

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Original Saber c. 1780-1810.  Featuring an impressive 30 inch blade with both wide and narrow fullers and nice patina.  Brass stirrup guard and pommel in the style common to the period.  The wood grip was once covered in a leather wrap bound by wire but has since been removed.  This is a well-made, well-balanced quality saber that would look good for carry or display.  $800

SOLD - Original Saber c. 1790   This saber dating from just after the American Revolution features the classic stirrup guard with reeded bone grip and pillow shape pommel.  This type was often carried by noncommissioned officers, see Paterson's book, The American Sword, pages 8-10 for a similar example.  The 30 inch blade has a single wide fuller and interesting patina.  This sword has great balance; is tight, solid and would be an excellent choice for carry or display.  $850

Original Double Edged Sword.  Possibly Spanish in origin, the sword has a hand-made 25 inch blade that still shows traces of file marks from the manufacture.  An iron crossguard with hand filed designs along with a carved horn grip finish off this sword.  Guard is slightly loose and the grip appears to have been fitted for a pommel cap that is now missing.  A unique, hand crafted sword that may well be one of a kind.    $350

Original German Hunting Sword  The 20 inch blade is identical to those produced during the second half of the 18th c. with the typical engraving and hunt scenes.  The brass guard is engraved with "F. R. 1847" and I am fairly certain that is when this sword was put together, perhaps using an older blade.  The stag grip is in excellent condition.  The leather scabbard is original to the sword though the drag is an obvious later replacement.  $390

Antique American Officer's Saber c. 1790-1805  This saber is an early and more rare variation of the popular Eagle Pommel.  The 4-slot guard is a hold-over from the Rev War period.  Patterson shows a similar sword on page 104 of his book "The American Sword".  Sword is solid and in good condition.  The guard retains much of the original gilding and the blade features typical military engravings of the period including a stand of arms and liberty cap.  Much of the gold fill in the engraving is still present and the blade shows some of its original bluing.  Blade measures 30 inches, 35 1/4 inches overall.  This is a great piece of American history.   $1150

Original European Hunting Sword  Mid-Late 18th century.  The 20 1/2" blade is most likely German made with the usual hunting scene and knot-work engravings.  Shagreen covered wood grip shows signs of once having straps on the top and bottom.  Broken guard has been remounted.  This piece has seen a hard life, but is still attractive and would make a nice example for study or display.  $425

SOLD - Original Dutch Hanger 1770-1785  Nearly identical to 48.S in Neumann's Swords and Blades of the American Revolution.  Undoubtedly some of these made their way to America during the Revolution.  Sword features a slightly curved blade with single back fuller, brass guard.  The blade measures 26 1/4 inches, 31 1/2 inches overall.  The blade does have some deep pitting and appears to have been "cleaned" at some period.  All hardware appears to be original, including the leather grip wrap and wire.  Overall, the sword is in very solid condition with no play in the grip, however, the larger outward branch on the guard is broke at the connection to the cross guard (though still solid and hardly noticeable).  $410

Previously Sold Swords

SOLD - American NCO Hanger.  Recently finished for a customer, this sword and scabbard was a collective work, with the hanger being made by Kyle Willyard and apprentice Jared Secrest.  The finely balanced weapon is paired with a custom made scabbard by Wick Ellerbe.  The hanger features a 24 inch, hand-forged and fullered blade with correct period shape, weight, and ballance.  The guard is forged iron with a reeded wood grip.  Scabbard features iron hardware with designs adapted from existing original examples. 

SOLD - George Washington's Battle Sword  Detailed reproduction of the famous sword features heavy silver-plated hardware, carved grip of polished and dyed moose antler, and sterling silver band.  Scabbard is a work of art by Glen and Cami McClain with tooled leather and sterling silver hardware.  This is an exceptional reproduction and a combined effort that will probably not be offered again.

Copy of George Washington Sword Recently made for a customer.

SOLD - Iron Mounted Hunting Sword  featuring a hand forged blade, iron shell guard, ferrule, and pommel cap with capstand. stag grip, and chain guard.  This was a joint project with my apprentice, Jared Secrest and carries both our touchmarks.  The graceful, hand-forged blade measures 18 inches long and the sword is 23 inches overall.  Aged finish.

SOLD - American Hanger This complete set represents a rare offering of one of my swords, paired with an exceptional scabbard by Glenn McClain.  All work was custom made for this set.  The hanger features a 25 3/4 inch, hand forged blade, forged iron guard and pommel, all with aged finish.  The grip is of ebony.  The custom scabbard has detailed, iron mounts and embossed design work on the leather.  Also included is a custom shoulder carriage with buckle made by Ed Wilde.

Horn Grip Cuttoe Recently made for a customer.

SOLD - Brass Hilted Short Saber recently made for a customer.  Features brass mounts, ebony grip and sterling silver ribbon.  Gadrooning on pommel and guard.

American Cuttoe with brass guard, lion-head pommel and chain.  Carved ebony grip with sterling silver ribbon.  Hand forged blade.

SOLD-American Hanger with Shell Guard  Features a hand forged, 25 inch blade.  Forged, iron shell guard and pommel.  The grip is red elk, left in the rough.  This is the type of hanger or hunting sword that would have been made here in the colonies during war-time, when imported blades would have been scarce. 

SOLD-Iron mounted American hanger.  Features a hand-forged blade and guard, made in my shop, draw-filed and polished by hand.  Polished antler handle. Lightly aged finish.

Early Double Shell Cutlass recently made for a customer.  Features a custom falchion blade by Del Tin.  Pierced iron guard and antler grip.  Aged finish.

American Hanger with Iron with forged iron guard and hardware, polished antler grip.  Hand forged blade. One of a pair of hangers made for Martin's Station, Wilderness Road State Part, Virginia.

SOLD-American Hunting Sword with Iron Shell Guard. During the war years, American officer's, militia, and those on the frontier often resorted to the local blacksmith for their sidearms. While these pieces may not have been executed as neatly as their European counterparts, they have a style all their own. This one features a 17 1/2 inch, hand-forge blade, forged guard and shell, iron cap, all with a fully aged finish.  Antler handle with carving.  Comes with a custom iron mounted, hand-tooled leather scabbard made by Glen McClain.

American Iron-Mounted Hanger recently made for a customer.  Features hand forged iron guard and ebony grip.  Lightly aged finish.


Early European Double Shell Cutlass recently made for a customer.  Aged iron hardware and polished antler grip.

SOLD-Iron mounted American hanger.  Features 24 3/4 inch hand-forged blade and guard, made in my shop, draw-filed and polished by hand.  Polished antler handle. Lightly aged finish.   Blade is light-weight and well balanced. 29 1/4 inches overall. 

SOLD-Iron mounted American hanger.  Features 24 1/2 inch hand-forged blade and guard, made in my shop, draw-filed and polished by hand.  Polished antler handle. Lightly aged finish.   Blade is light-weight and well balanced. 29 1/4 inches overall.

SOLD - SWORD-Small sword with original blade This small sword features a beautiful, original blade mounted on the guard of my own manufacture.  All furniture has been aged to match the patina of the blade.  The blade has some light nicks and minor pitting that are consistent with it's age.  This sword would display well, or carry into the field.   27 inch blade,  33 3/4 inches overall.

SOLD Early European Hanger or Cutlass with double Iron Shell Guards, and polished Antler Handle. 27 inch blade. All lightly aged. This is one sturdy sword that would be equally at home on land or sea.

SOLD American Hunting Sword with Iron Shell Guard. During the war years, American officer's, militia, and those on the frontier often resorted to the local blacksmith for their sidearms. While these pieces may not have been executed as neatly as their European counterparts, they have a style all their own. Fully aged finish with a 17 inch blade.  The blade is hand-forged, the first made in my shop in the last several years.

SOLD Iron mounted Hunting Sword with shell guard.

SOLD Officer's saber with Dog-Head Pommel, and brass guard, ebony grip with brass ribbon.

SOLD English Hunting Sword of mid-18th century style.  Features brass mounts and shell guard, and an ebony grip with spiraling flutes.  27 inch curved blade with single fuller.   Comes with scabbard.

A cutlass that I recently finished for a customer.  Aged iron blade and hardware and polished antler handle.

Hanger/Cutlass recently made for a customer.  Hand iron guard, ebony handle and iron pommel.  Aged finish.

American NCO Hanger, Revolutionary War period, that I  recently made for a customer.  Forged iron guard, lightly aged.  Polished antler grip.

Early Hanger I made some time back with double shell guards and branches.









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